James Williams

Information and Communications Technology student at Nottingham Trent University with a focus on IT Security and Web Development.

Projects & Work

Edudol is an online learning platform, allowing users to use the quizzes to gain an unique learning experience.


Storyate is currently a work in progress, more information is coming soon.

Side Projects
Grade Calculatormore_vert
Grade Calculatorclose

Allows users to calculate their grades using the NTU grading system.

Material Backgroundmore_vert
Material Backgroundclose

material-background.js is a open source MIT licensed Material Design background generator.

Clicker Coastermore_vert
Clicker Coasterclose

Clicker Coaster was a group project built for users to create a incremental based theme park.

Asteroid Minermore_vert
Asteroid Minerclose

One of my intial ideas for an incremental game, later to be discontinued.

Pixxels Applicationmore_vert

Built using Visual Basic as a single player vs everyone game.

Easter School in India

This Easter I had the opportunity of lifetime when I took the opportunity to visit Panjab University in Chandigarh, India for a Easter Cultural Exchange Programme.

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University Work
NTU Open Daymore_vert

A realtime updating Open Day Assistant built as part of the Project Management unit.

Language Learningmore_vert
Language Learningclose

A language learning application, built completely in JavaScript as part of a web based programming unit.

Cosmic Space Gamemore_vert
Cosmic Space Gameclose

A randomly generated Python space game built using Python. For a Python programming class.

Online Web Shopmore_vert
Online Web Shopclose

An online store with admin panels and various other features, not live yet.

Credits, made by James Williams 2018.